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Braided Leather Incognito Collar with Buckle (Micro links 1.6mm)

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You are ordering an Incognito Collar made with micro (1.6mm) links

Micro Links (1.6 mm)



Buckle Color

  • All collars are made with black Metal Buckles.


 Choose your leather colors

  • If you want the collar to be a solid color, only pick a color 1.
  • color 1 Must be selected from non-Metallic colors
  • Choose Color 2 (Optional)



Enter your collar Length

  • collar size is measured end to end (including chain but not including male part of buckle)
  • if you have a Prong collar that you currently use, measure it from end to end for the best measurement.
  • visit Measuring for Incognito and Prong Collars for more info.