Gift Certificates

Information about Gift Certificates 

When purchasing a Gift Certificate you will be required to enter the following required fields. 

Your Name

    • This name will show on the gift certificate as From: “Your Name”

Your Email

    • This email address is where your order conformation will be sent.

Recipient‘s Name

    • This name will show on the gift certificate as To: “Recipient’s Name”

Recipient’s Email

    • This is the email address where the gift certificate will be emailed.
    • Use the reripient’s email address if you would like the gift certificate Emailed to the recipient.
    • Use your email address if you’d like the gift certificate emailed to you, then you can print the gift certificate and give it as a gift.


    • Enter the amount of the gift certificate.
    • This amount will be stored under the gift certificate number and can be used all at once or in multiple visits.
    • The balance can be checked at any time with the gift certificate number.

Optional Message 

    • Use this area to type a personal message to your recipient.
    • ”Merry Christmas”, Happy Birthday”, or any message you’d like.

Gift Certificate Theme

    • choose one of the gift certificate themes.


 Example Gift Certificate: