Plastic Dumbbell (Royal Blue)

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Before ordering, you will need to know the sizes of A, B & C.  See How to Measure your Dog for my recommendations.
All ends are slightly tapered. (About 1/8” on each side

Choose your bit color 

  • Black or White 

Choose your bit texture

  • Smooth or Knarled (Textured)

Choose your Identifing Marks

  • You can choose letters or any of the icons listed below. (letters are 1/2”, so keep that in mind to fit on the end size you choose.)


Special Requests can be entered in the notes section.  If I have to purchase a special tool to create your special request, additional charges may apply.

 Choose the size of your dog

  • Small Dogs (End Sizes under 2") will reduce the price by $5.00
  • Standard Dogs (End Sizes 2" to 3.5") is the Default Price
  • Large Dogs (End Sizes above 3.5") will increase the price by $5.00