Practice Leather Scent Article Sets

Training Treasures

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Practice Leather Scent Articles meet all AKC requirements and can be used in the ring.


Before ordering, you will need to know the sizes for A, B & C.  (Check out How to Measure your Dog for my recommendations.)

 Pick a start number
  • Start counting with 0 or 1
  • example (0-8 or 1-9)

Pick the Size of your set

  • The Default set is 6 (this is the minimum size that you can purchase)
  • Many competitors like to have more in a set.

Pick your Dogs Size

  • The default Dog size is Standard (End size is between 2" & 3.5")
  • Toy dog size (End size in under 2") The Price is reduced by 15% of the Standard dog Price
  • Large dog size (End size is over 3.5")  The Price is increased by 10% of the Standard dog Price